About us


Krantiveer Chapekar Smarak Samiti (Committee) is established in 1972 at the birthplace of Chapekar brothers in Chinchwad near city of Pune. Smarak Samiti mainly formed with an objective to erect a monument in memory of armed revolutionary sons of India- Damodar, Balkrishna and Vasudeo Chapekar who, infact, initiated and charged the independent movement of India in the last decade of 19th century.

Presently, Smarak Samiti works in four sections viz:

  1. Wada or Smarak (Monument) Section
  2. Education Section
  3. Punarutthan Samarasata Gurukulam (Traditional and Modern Education for socially deprived sector of India)
  4. Woman Section- MatruShakti ( मातृशक्ती )